Meadow project team 1 week 1 blog

On Friday the 6th of March, we went to Jilly’s house to look at her bee hives. After that we went to Mrs Ratcliffe’s garden. We looked at her meadow and had a tour round her garden, and looked at the beautiful flowers that we could plant in Mrs McGrane’s garden.

Later that morning, Mrs Ratcliffe gave us some hay (with orchid seeds in) to take to Mrs McGrane’s garden. We had a long walk to Mrs McGrane’s house!

When we got there we were allowed a little play in her garden. When we were called to Mr Moore we got into our groups. We went down to our area of the garden and found out some facts that we needed to know, like the perimeter and area of our section. A few minutes later, Jilly came over to talk to us about the bees and about bate hives and what height, angle and position they should be placed at.

We have enjoyed finding out all the information and looking at Mrs Ratcliffe’s garden.

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